Stress To Success

The only program in the world that uses the unique, proven SSS formula, which is backed by science and psychology, and guarantees that you will get back to the top of your game in the next 12 months or I will work with you until you do.

The Stress To Success Program helps Professionals and Business Owners to turn their stress into success and get them back to the top of their game.

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What is it?

It’s an 8-step program with 12 months support, designed to turn your stress into success, to give you more energy, better money making decisions, improved relationships, and ultimately more Freedom.
No more anxiety, doubting yourself and questioning your decisions.
No more feeling angry, alone and out of control or worried that you can’t cope.
Just follow the process and you will see changes in all areas of your life.
Best part is, it’s a fast-proven model with 12 months support to ensure you achieve results.
I only work with committed successful professionals, who are coachable and will follow a proven formula.

 How does it work?

How it works is that I use proven science and psychology to tap into your inner wisdom using your sixth sense, so you can make fast decisions, conscious choices, and adapt quickly to stressful situations.
  1. You will know who you are, understand your limiting beliefs and sabotaging blocks, and from this position of knowing yourself, you will have the power to increase your confidence, your energy, improve your health and decrease your stress.
  2. You will have a clear vision of who you want to be and where you want your business and relationships to be. Your goals will be aligned with your passion and purpose.
  3. You will have a proven strategic road map to help you achieve your goals and ensure that all areas of your life are in alignment. You will know how to set yourself up for success every day. This proven model helps you go deep into your consciousness so that you can build a strong foundation for your future.
  4. You will get back to the top of your game armed with the skills to manage stress and negativity as it happens, so that it doesn’t take over your life and you will have the ability and wisdom to use the maturity of flow rather than the adolescence of force when making decisions.
  5. You will rewire your brain for success so that you can think clearly, make fast decisive decisions, improve your cashflow, have more time for family and friends and the freedom to live the life you choose and deserve. 
  6. You will receive the ongoing support that is needed for any change to take place. Transformational change does not occur with a one-off event. This is why the 12-month coaching program was developed. When you meet the challenges on your journey, and you will, I will be there on a weekly basis to support you and coach you to ensure your success.

Is this program for everybody?

Stress To Success is only for people who are willing to learn and change their approach; follow a proven system; and take responsibility for their success.
Only then can the Stress To Success training, transform your wanting success to the experience of having success in your professional life, your business world and your personal relationships.
This program has the ability to change your life and the world around you.
Only you can decide if you're ready to commit to doing that. 

The program is delivered like this:‚Äč

8 Weeks Of Online Training

Once you've enrolled, you will have instant access to the first module of the online training program.

Successive modules will be opened up to you on a weekly basis.

You can spend as long as you need on each module, depending on your time available to complete the exercises.

The training will introduce you to the unique Success Model which you will work through.

You will learn strategies and techniques that you can implement immediately.

You will learn the unique SSS formula for making effective decisions fast.




12-Months Of LIVE Weekly Q&A Support

To make sure you reach your end goal, we are there with you every step of the way.

You'll meet LIVE every week to participate in a Stress To Success private group session for answering your questions on the spot.

Not only do you get your questions answered, you get to benefit from the power of a mastermind group - your fellow students who all on a similar journey that you are.

PLUS... you can also ask questions in between times in the dedicated Private "Stress To Success" Facebook Group for a speedy written response.

Private Facebook Group

This is so you never feel alone. 

Outside of the LIVE Q&A, you can have all your questions answered in our Private Facebook Group.

Even better, because Zoe only allows selected students to enter this program, you will be part of a committed and supportive mastermind group, where support and help is only a click away.

3-Day Stress To Success LIVE Transformational Workshop

There's nothing quite like learning LIVE, right?

So, for 3-days, meet with your trainer, Zoe Slater as she shows you LIVE, the short cuts that you're looking for... answer the questions you have... and give you the insights and practical experience to managing your stress using proven scientific strategies to get you back to the top of your game fast.



You'll interact with fellow Stress To Success students; an opportunity to see, connect and share experiences as well as learn how others have taken their lives to the next level, both personally and professionally.

To network with other successful professionals and business owners who have started their journey to manage their stress and get back to the top of their game.


To experience Zoe's training..

Free Webinar: The 3 Critical Reasons....

Why You Wake Up Exhausted Every Day

You’re Losing Money In Your Business Every Month

Or You’re Worried About Your Marriage Surviving The Year

How To Fix It Now!

Zoe Slater

CEO Freedom Choice Academy, Accredited Counsellor, Coach

Who Is Your Trainer?
It’s taken Zoe Slater over 20 years to be here with you today. It had to take that long for her to gain experience of client’s issues… to find enough solutions… and to get enough results when it comes to sharing her knowledge and skills to transform people’s lives from stress to success.
Zoe has had incredible results like helping stressed out professionals turn their business around from near bankruptcy to making over 6 figures within a couple years. So, if you were to say that she is an expert counsellor and coach, we would agree.
Out of all the people who try and pitch you on helping you to achieve less stress and more success in your business, maybe 1 in 20 will actually be an expert coach.
The rest will be pretenders. Trying to cash in on the industry. But never having worked with close to 2000 professionals and business owners across the world. Experience which can solve your problems in an instant.
Even if you find one that has some results, he or she will maybe know how to do a part of the process, but they won’t have been able to work at the deep level of consciousness that is needed to shift the limiting beliefs that is holding many professionals back.
They won’t have had to know what its like to save someone from the brink of suicide and bring success and joy back into their lives.
They won’t have had to work with someone who is heading for the divorce courts and guide them through their most painful decisions and consequences.
This is what it takes. Because it’s hard out there. And that’s where Zoe makes a difference.
Zoe has created her own programs using her unique proven models and processes. She markets her own programs. And she delivers her own programs.
Zoe hasn’t just started a Facebook account and written “CEO of Freedom  Choice Academy” in the profile. That’s what a lot of people do these days on the internet.
What you want is someone who can give you the proven strategy, a roadmap to turn your stress into success and help you get back to the top of your game. You want a qualified, experienced guide who can help you re- create your business and relationships so that they are filled with confidence, passion, and freedom.
Today Zoe only lets the most suitable people into her programs. Again, this sort of experience is what will protect you too and help change your life dramatically.
Zoe is looking for professionals and business owners who want to:
  • Make decisions fast
  • Improve their confidence
  • Create a clear vision and Purpose
  • Make conscious choices
  • Have less stress
Many people love what Zoe does.  People like Paul who quickly destressed which enabled him to deliver corporate presentations again to the directors and was able to rebuild his relationship with his ex-wife so that an amicable strike a new financial arrangement could be achieved.
People like Sandra who achieved doubled her salary within a couple of months by re positioning herself for de-stressing and increasing her confidence, re focusing.
People like Frank who was able to shift his limiting beliefs about his speaking abilities to take him from a local speaker to a global speak.
These people have certain characteristics. They’re hard working. They don’t make excuses. They’re coachable. And they’re committed to transforming their lives.
So, if you have some or all of these qualities, then Zoe knows how to get you to the outcome you want.
Zoe offers you complete transparency, as someone who helps her students LIVE weekly, answering every question that comes their way.
Zoe has a unique proven model and processes that you can use to get to where you want to go. Which means you can turn your stress into success and get back to the top of your game.
And everything also comes with a money-back guarantee.
So, rest assured that no matter what others promise you, when it comes to creating the results you really want, Zoe’s help will get you there faster. And if it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a cent.
Best of all, everything is made simple to understand.

What Do People Say About Zoe Slater?

Aaron F

When I first met Zoe, I was sceptical and in a bad place not sure if anyone could help me. Everything I had worked so hard for was slipping away.

As an entrepreneur it is important for me to have someone I can completely trust, and be 100% transparent with.

After working with Zoe, I’ve learnt how to turn my stress into success and now Zoe has became an invaluable asset in my business.

My confidence, money, health, relationships and leadership have vastly improved..

So, If you’re looking to improve your life and business by improving yourself, I highly recommend Zoe and her programs

Zoe is now my go to person’ to re-focus and stay at the top of my game!           

Amanda L

“I can’t recommend SSS more strongly. The love, support, kindness and understanding Zoe has. To walk you through every step of the program is like no other.

The after-workshop support makes me feel like I’m not just stepping out of this weekend on my own. I don’t feel so scared.”

Theresa W

“Since doing the Sixth Sense for Success program, I have been amazed at the change in myself. I am achieving things so much faster, focusing on my health and fitness and feeling much clearer about my chosen career path.

I am very excited about the outcomes I have noticed so far and can’t wait to continue using the Sixth Sense for Success formula to enhance my health and happiness.

I would recommend  Zoe's Success program to anyone who wants to live life to its fullest. I am loving it!”

If you would like to see how Zoe teaches, rather than tell you, see for yourself... Join Zoe, as her guest, for a free webinar to learn...

The 3 Critical Reasons....

Why You Wake Up Exhausted Every Day

You’re Losing Money In Your Business Every Month

Or You’re Worried About Your Marriage Surviving The Year

How To Fix It Now!


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