Experience conscious success to live on purpose and achieve your dreams. 

Welcome to Freedom Choice Academy

Where we awaken the conscious you to improve your life? For 20+ years, Zoe Slater has been working with men and women locally and internationally, in person or via live video. Zoe's client's know they can Take Control Of Their Life and ... Have It All. They come to evolve, heal and learn her mindful, holistic strategies to love life, live purposefully, generate conscious success and fulfillment.  Zoe uses her unique processes and personal development programs to transform lives utilising quantum holistic healing therapies. 

Zoe offers five very popular programs:

1. EAP (Employment Assisted Program) Mental Health care at work for corporates and small businesses.

2. Personal Development - Experience a life transformational  program to completely overhaul your life.  

3. ECR (Emotional Cells Re-ordered) to deal with deep repeating sabotaging patterns   

4. One week Reset - Rethink - Refocus program

5. ECR Practitioner Training for health care practitioners 


(EAP) Employment Assisted Program

EAP is an Employee Assistance Program  is a work-based intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental, and general psychological wellbeing of all employees and includes services for immediate family members. The aim is to provide preventive and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and/or resolution of both work and personal problems that may adversely affect performance and wellbeing.

Holistic Healing -  (ECR) Emotional Cells Re-ordered 

Restore Balance in Life.

Wondering why you're not happy, teary and feeling alone.

Are you emotional all the time and would like your mindset to return to normal. Clear the fog to successfully run your business, improve career, relationship's and your day to day life. 

Is everything going wrong and each day stacking up, just can't get it right and ending up being the bad guy, ?

ECR Method is a technique for natural restoration of your brain and heart to bring onboard new skills to turn your life around in these areas

  • Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Business Owner Destress and Clarity sessions 
  • EAP for Businesses 
  • Career or Study
  • Family Issues 
  • In general, day to day coping
  • Personal motivation
  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks 
  • Exhaustion and Burn Out 

Are you ready to learn more about natural healing using the ECR Method?  Contact Zoe today.


Zoe Slater -
ECR Practitioner

Zoe Slater is a qualified Counsellor and a registered member with the ACA and PACFA and is the CEO of Freedom Choice Academy.

For 20+ years, Zoe has been working with men and women in Brisbane using her unique processes to transform lives in personal development utilising natural healing therapies.

She is an experienced Facilitator and Master Coach in ECR Methods. 

Who Is Zoe Slater ...   

“Zoe is the ultimate professional and extremely passionate about helping people. We asked Zoe to help our staff and support of brokers through one of the most difficult times some of them have ever had to deal with and her appearance on our AFG Broker Insights was extremely well received – she nailed it. Thanks Zoe from all the team at AFG, brilliant stuff!”


Chris Slater AFG
AFG Head of Sales & Distribution

Professional couple share how they created more success!

Matt and Laura talk about Mental Health with Zoe Slater. How they have benefited from working with Zoe, a new holistic conscious approach so they can... Have It All.


I can show you how to restore balance in your relationships, family, career and work.


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Some happy client achievements

Amanda L

“I can’t recommend Zoe more strongly. The love, support, kindness and understanding Zoe has. To walk you through every step of the program is like no other.

The after-workshop support makes me feel like I’m not just stepping out of this weekend on my own. I don’t feel so scared.”

Aaron F

When I first met Zoe, I was sceptical and in a bad place not sure if anyone could help me. Everything I had worked so hard for was slipping away.

As an entrepreneur it is important for me to have someone I can completely trust, and be 100% transparent with.

After working with Zoe, I’ve learnt how to turn my stress into success. Zoe has became an invaluable asset in my business.

My confidence, money, health, relationships and leadership have vastly improved..

So, If you’re looking to improve your life and business by improving yourself, I highly recommend Zoe and her programs

Zoe is now my go to person’ to stay laser focused, staying at the top of my game!           

Theresa W

“Since doing the Sixth Sense for Success program, I have been amazed at the change in myself. I am achieving things so much faster, focusing on my health and fitness and feeling much clearer about my chosen career path.

I am very excited about the outcomes I have noticed so far and can’t wait to continue using the 'SSSf ' formula to enhance my health and happiness.

I would recommend  Zoe's Success program to anyone who wants to live life to its fullest. I am loving it!”

Are you feeling like one of these people here?

Discover The 3 Critical Reasons....

  • Why You Wake Up Exhausted 
  • You’re Stressed About Your Business 
  • Or You’re Worried About Your Marriage 

I can show you the way through.

Why Christine recommends  Zoe Slater ...   

“This beautiful woman, my life coach, is totally amazing.      Her Stress To Success program is so holistically rounded,    we heal not just today's worries but learn to live more, be more, love more and give more. Such a different way to adjust your life without subjecting blame or shame.      Turning our stress into a wonderful success story.         

Thank you for your impeccable guidance Zoe Slater 


Christine Allport


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