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WHY…  have Freedom Choice Academy as your EAP provider? 

At Freedom Choice Academy we approach EAP personally as the extension of our business family and local community. Everyone matters to us! We approach EAP holistically based on our real time experience and research.  

Stress is a necessary and normal part of life. Stress is unavoidable and is designed to help you be successful, to come up with solutions, apply to life, then evolve as a person enhancing your life and those around you. But, if you let stress build like a pressure cooker, remaining unchecked or ignored, “it’ll be right mate”. The stress will explode, potentially destroying your reputation, career, love, relationships health and your most valuable asset your holistic mental health. Without your emotional and mental health life and pursuits can feel unsatisfying with no happiness or meaning, affecting work and home life. 

… EAP assists with the emotional and mental challenges and disruptions to enhance wellbeing. To activate the necessary insight and skills to turn stress to success with more ease and speed. 

… EAP also assists with professional development. To upskill and broaden communication abilities, actively recalibrating stressed communication 

… EAP adjust antiquated approaches and or stressed-out reactions, to diffuse problems before they escalate, mitigating potential legal workers compensation claims to new improved communicating skills. 

… As you would know, a leaders emotional and mental mindset has a direct effect on work relationships, their team’s productivity, and fellowship. Each day a team member wakes up… and either look forward to going to work or wake anxious and stressed dreading going to work.

… Government compliance makes the conversation of Mental Health more onerous on employers and management with deeper layers of legal responsibilities. An EAP demonstrates conscientiousness and social responsibility.

… What’s trending are businesses seeking likeminded businesses with EAP’s contracts and are seen to be actively taking care of their team’s mental health. 

… Having Freedom Choice Academy as your EAP provider further demonstrates a social accountability for all staff welfare. It strengthens your compliance and accelerates the overall recovery, productivity, deliverability, profitability, growth, and visible reputation for your company. 

Fostering progress and growth as swiftly as possible for our clients, is what we do well at Freedom Choice Academy. Qualified & Insured Counsellor and Coach registered with the Australian Counsellors Association. 

Freedom Choice Academy have a framework that is tested and proven to shift stress to success quickly.

Our Why and Our Service Point of Difference that makes all the difference:

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Sue Fairweather 
Executive General Manager  ULTIQA


The noticeable outcomes in our staff's personal and professional characters, as well as their enhanced contributions to the team, following their engagement with Freedom Choice Academy, have been nothing short of remarkable.

Our staff members are not only more content and balanced in their personal lives, but they are also more productive and engaged at work.

This has had a direct and positive impact on our clients' experiences, translating into improved customer satisfaction.

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