Conscious Success is a new mind muscle. Kelly is crystal clear about that!


The level of conscious success is evident when you go through your day and feel when your slightly straying off. Kelly is noticing everything, she learns how to be the quiet observer and watch the kaos and drama going on around her. Kelly asks herself the question and is choosing where to invest her energy and time. Kelly has been guided professionally by a life coach in Brisbane and it's crystal clear that she does not want to waste her emotional energy. In the past, without Zoe Slater's 12 months of life coaching, Kelly would have already reached boiling point and who knows how she would react in a stressful situation. If you are at boiling point in your life in your career, relationship or family, it is important to reach out to find yourself again and continue to learn more about how to clear your conscious and be rewarded with a path to emotional freedom. 

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