Gain Emotional Freedom & Clarity

“The suffering of man is a necessary part of growth however prolonged suffering is the stupidity of man" Buddha.

True freedom is an empowering choice, that improve the destiny of your life.
  • Are you ready to regain control over your life?
  • Are you feeling emotionally drained and want your energy back?
  • Have you been in this emotional pattern before, are you ready to re-order that pattern on a cellular level?
  • Zoe uses her unique Emotional Cell Reordered (ECR) methods to work at a deep level to uncover and reorder your sabotaging patterns.
  • The results are fast and long  lasting to create suatainabe success in all areas of your life.

Who is Zoe Slater?


Zoe Slater is a qualified Counsellor and a registered member with the ACA and QCA and is the CEO of Freedom Choice Academy.

For over 20 years, Zoe have been working with professionals using her unique processes to transform their lives from stress to success. She is an experienced Facilitator and Master Coach and has been running personal development workshops and retreats since 1999.

Zoe offers both quality counselling (cleaning up the past) and coaching (creating the future) to give quality care for fastest and better outcomes. 

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